How Do You Know Who to Trust for Online Marketing Services?

When you decide that the way you market your business needs to change, it is important that you find people of integrity to work with… In the world of Internet marketing, there are a lot of unethical money-hungry scam artists preying on those who are ignorant about the industry.  They know you’re new, and they…

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Branding Your Name on the World Wide Web

Branding your local business name (or your pen name for the business) is very important on the Internet, no matter what market you’re in, or product/service you sell.  You need to establish yourself as an authority in your market, because people trust authority figures. They trust their recommendations, they trust that their products will be…

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An Introduction to Video Marketing for Boston Business owners

Screen Capture Software

Video is a spectacular way to market your business on the Internet, especially now that so many internet users have broadband access.  More users are able to view and download video.  Video sharing websites are more popular than ever, and through the use of social media it is even easier for people to share the…

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Top 7 and a half Secrets of Getting Indexed Fast in

There are a lot of myths and garbage thrown around in business circles when it comes to online marketing. Many people seem to think it takes weeks (or even months) to get indexed in Google, but that’s just not true.  Almost anyone can get his or her site crawled and indexed in two weeks or…

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