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Here are the Five Steps to Becoming a Veritas Results Marketing Client

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    I strongly believe in the courage it takes to become an Entrepreneur and with this gut level respect for what you do in your business and for your clients I want to make sure we are a good fit. Veritas Results Marketing is not the best option for every company and for this reason it is important that you submit an application so that I can make sure the investment you intend to make in your business is the right one at this time.

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    If your application makes it past the first stage it is important that we sit down and talk together to get down to business and figure out what problems you’re dealing with and want to solve. During this session we will be going through some very strategic questions that will help lay the foundation for a campaign that is likely to produce the best results.

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    This is the time the team takes to figure out what would produce the best result and when it would be the best time to implement each strategy.

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    This is where we talk about the money. Mostly what type of results you could expect to get, how much it would cost to do business with Veritas Results Marketing (Expect Rolls Royce Pricing), and how long it would take to get everything in order. This is the implementation stage where we figure out what and who needs to be in place to make sure we don’t have any conflicts in terms of expectation and desired results. By this time we’re both on the same page about what you want to get out of working with VRM and how we plan to produce that result. My Core Value is that I have to make my clients money, no matter what. If you make money, I make money… So you have my commitment that results is the name of the game, Period.

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    This happens after we’ve started working together, and since I like clients who are happy you can expect to get updated regularly on how the projects are going and the results they have produced.