FAQ: What is the best way to ping new content?

Hey Ulrich,

Quick question.  What is the best way to ping new content (i.e., how soon after it is posted and at what site should it be pinged)?

Also, some of our old content has never been indexed.  Should we ping that even if it was posted a few months back?



Hey D, thanks for the question…

Before I answer your question I’d like to talk a little bit about why pinging new content is important…

The reason we ping our websites is because we want to alert the search engines that new content is live on the internet and we want them to index it. By pinging new content you are in essence ringing the doorbell to all the search engines.

Once the new content gets indexed, it’s basically Google and Yahoo saying that you can come into their house and they will start to introduce you to their friends. They may not start ranking your website, but they allow you to mingle until you get enough backlinks and trust.

So the best way to ping new content is by using one of the following tools…
I would ping the new content you put online within 15 minutes of getting it live… This makes sure that
you are the first to alert the search engine robots that new content is on the internet. If you wait too long then
the robots may have already found your content, and it would be similar to ringing someones door bell after they already welcomed you into their home. doesn’t make much sense in the real world, so no point in doing it online…
In terms of the old content which has been on the internet for months… I would not ping it again. It is old and most likely Google has already seen that it exists.
If it is not yet indexed then it just needs some backlinks to give it new life.
You can use twitter, digg.com, or any social bookmarking website to send some quick backlinks and you should be all set…
I would also get a squidoo.com account and build a lens which points a backlink to an internal page in the website which is not yet indexed.
By doing this you should really get the site up and running… and indexed…

Out of all the ideas I would use the squidoo lens recommendation right away since it is a high quality link, unlike the other strategies suggested. These strategies are best for new content that is just hitting the internet, but if it has been on the internet for a long time than the quality of backlinks going to the content will influence the speed at which it gets indexed.
Here is an article I wrote about getting indexed quickly

Hate or love this response, let me know and leave a comment below.

Have an optimal day,